If your dog is impounded, it will be held for four business days. After the fourth day it becomes Gratiot County property and may be sold or humanely euthanized. An exception may be made if the animal is sick or injured to the extent that holding the pet would cause undo suffering or if the animal has an infectious or contagious disease. Animal Control will attempt to contact the owner of animals wearing licenses or other identification by telephone, or mail whenever possible.

Redemption Fees

It is $30 for the first day. A boarding fee of $15 per day will be assessed if the pet is not claimed by the next working day.

All dogs must be rabies vaccinated and licensed. Therefore, it will be necessary for you to bring these receipts with you when you come to redeem you dog. If your dog does not have a current rabies shot and license you will be given a notice to get one.

All fees must be paid when the animal is reclaimed. If at the end of the holding period, an animal remains unclaimed it becomes county property and may be sold or humanely destroyed.