Truancy Intervention Program

The 29th Circuit Court Family Division offers the Truancy Intervention Program (TIP) to assist students and their families with ensuring minor children are compliant with school attendance laws. A child (age 10-17), legal caregiver, and school representative meet with the Juvenile Office Court Counselor to discuss attendance concerns and barriers to attendance. A plan is made to decrease barriers and access services, if needed, to support school attendance. If a child and family do not follow discussed attendance expectations or choose not to participate in TIP, the school may elect to refer the matter to the RESD School Attendance Coordinator.

If you are a legal caregiver having difficulties with a child attending school and would like more information, contact Alex Netzley at (989)875-5222 and press 2.

To schedule a TIP meeting, school representatives referring to TIP should click the following link: Schedule A Truancy Intervention Program Attendance Meeting