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1. How much is it to file for divorce?
2. I have started a divorce and I want to enter a reconcile. How long is that good for?
3. How much is it for a notary? Where do I get this service?
4. How much is it for a birth certificate?
5. Where do I get a passport?
6. I need to file a motion; how much is it and where do I file it at?
7. I need to pay my taxes where do I go?
8. Where do I pay my fines for a circuit court felony case?
9. Where do I pay my fines for a misdemeanor or civil infraction?
10. Where do I go to apply for a name change?
11. Where do I go with my paperwork for a will?
12. How much is it for a concealed weapons permit?
13. How do I get a certified copy of birth, death, or marriage license if I don’t come into the Clerk’s office?
14. Where do I apply for a marriage license?
15. I received a jury questionnaire. What do I do?
16. How do I become a notary?
17. Where do I get an Absentee Ballot?